The jewels which represent the archetypes are creations in black obsidian and gold designed exclusively for women by the outstanding Mexican artist Álvaro Cuevas ( The Obsidian, psychic and sacred stones are fused to gold (metal of the portal of consciousness) and shaped into symbols which embody the archetypes.

The obsidian is of volcanic origin, its make-up is conchoidal cut(Shell like curves) and brings to the conscious what we keep deep within the personal and collective ancestral memory. This finds a path of wisdom in the consciousness of gold, the path of the sun. Each jewel is transformed into those symbols that created itself and by carrying them, they help us to release the archetype energy that has been chosen to heal.

This is an initiation work for woman because it allows her to keep a conscious connection with her soul´s ultimate task allowing herself to live with beauty, harmony and reverence.

The jewel of the slave represents the shackle that for thousands of years we have been carrying. It is the yoke that has subjected us for many years  and although today it does not exist in the physical plane, we have integrated it into our psyche re-living the pain and suffering which submission represents.

The mobilization of energy produced by the Jewel in the psyche of those who carry it, allows the path to be opened so that this archetype speaks, expresses, manifests, feels, is taken into account; frees its voice, its presence, breaks its chains, opens the shackles that immobilize her, enabling her to get up and walk. Thus allowing women to value herself.

To allow oneself to see, connect and feel in our body the shackles that enslave us. It leads us to release them while bringing to consciousness the true freedom that comes from the inside of her being.

This Jewel opens doors that release the punishment that the female had  been imposing  on herself, allowing her to recognize the love that is inside and to leave the pain behind. Thus, dissolving pain and loneliness, healing abuse, rediscovering joy, recovering her self esteem and crystallizing her deep wishes.

The woman who wears the Joya de la Puta opens herself to accept her erotic emotions and sensations that connect to the energy of life; feelings and desires that lead her to the joy of living. These emotions are related to creativity, illusion, inner strength, intuition, perception, intimacy, reaffirmation of herself, inner security and self-confidence.

This Jewel shows women in their natural dimension in order to remember that forgotten, repressed and punished intimacy which she has not allowed herself to connect with. This design evokes feminine beauty but also masculine presence in order to liberate not only the fear of sexuality but the shame, the rejection and the contempt that she may feel herself and before the opposite sex. When we look at the feminine body in this jewel, it  recalls the feminine primordial nature, which is respectable, dignified and beautiful.

The Jewel of the Sinister Mother represents the bait which incites the fear that manipulation and control exert on the human psyche.

This hook catches processes from the unconcious, when it´s pray leasts expects it. The energetic effect of the presence of the archetype of the Sinister Mother gives the opportunity to change beliefs, helping to bring balance and inner peace.

The woman who wears the Jewel of the Sinister Mother  allows herself to feel and connect with blockages that are imposed like prison bars prolonging frustration. This Jewel  shows the hook that catches every thought of denial and rejection. And by making it conscious she has the opportunity to release that fear and dissolve control and manipulation.

These jewels are symbols that allow women to do an initiation work with the sacred stone of obsidian and with the gold of consciousness to help us release memories that trap us. Thus connecting us with our inner light.

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