Obisidian a magmatic rock

This rock is considered the stone of Mexico.
Although it exists in other countries, not only are the biggest deposits to be found here, it’s also where its exploitation has been the biggest for many centuries. .



Here we show you some of the newest official Obsidiana Mx and Maestra Ana Silvia Serrano products with exclusive patented geometries...


IXTLI Is the Obsidian disc that comes together with a crystal quartz.
OMI The small obsidian belly button.
IXPAPALOTLObsidian and silver pendant.
SETH The Obsidian phalo.
OSIRIS The Obsidian Egg
UAS The obsidian ostrich feather.
KAYRON The Obsidian pencil
ANUBIS The Obsidian athame.
URANTIA The Obsidian sphere
ISIS The crown of Isis
NEPHTHYS It's the obsidian necklace.
DJED The Obsidian pillar.
ANKH The Obsidian Egyptian cross.
MAAT The obsidian ostrich feather.
HEKA The Egyptian sphinx.
TEZCATIPOCA The Obsidian mirror.
URANTIA Projection geometries
THOT The obsidian labyrinth.
BUTTERFLY The obsidian butterfly.
TIT The Obsidian knot.
UDJAT The obsidian eye of Horus.
IMHOTEP The eight-sided octagonal concave mirror
KEOPS The Obsidian pyramid