This healing System has been created by Ana Silvia Serrano who has been researching the physical, chemical and energetic properties of the Obsidian which is catalogued as “magmatic rock”.

This investigation embraces historical, archaeological, anthropological and energetic research that shows clearly the healing properties that this magmatic rock contains.

The work is complemented by the creation of the figures, shapes and symbols that affect in a positive way the physiche of the being, where the healing is proposed. This is amplified by the action of the properties of the magmatic rock which produce health and well-being to the organs and systems.

Each different shape, form and symbol impacts the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies modifying the configuration of the chakras, nadis and meridians which later crystallize in the physical body.

This information has been captured in Ana Silvia Serrano two main books: “Obsidiana, sacred healing stone” (2010) and “Osiris the obsidian egg” (2012).